• Manually update Elementor license

    Ever since a couple updates ago Elementor has changed the way you activate your license key for Elementor Pro. Previously you would have been able to activate your license using a key but now you need to login to your Elementor account to pair your site with your license. Right now to activate your license […]

  • Add a block of text to Gravity Forms

    Problem: I would like to add a block of text that can’t be edited by the user but must be visible on Gravity Forms. To add a block of text to Gravity Forms form you need to do 3 things. 1. Create a html field To create an html field you need to go in […]

  • Passing state throughout components in React

    In a react application when you want to pass values from your child component to their parent component it is called “Lifting State Up”. This very easy concept always tend to leave me puzzled. Below is the very basic implementation of this, but the caveat is that we are not passing a value but understanding […]

  • Fixing Google Search Console “Clickable elements too close together”

    If you have your website hooked up to Google Search Console(which you definitely should have) then you might be running into some errors. With Search Console it crawls your website to make sure all best practices are being met and then from what they uncover they then add it to their search algorithm. When you […]

  • Remove Paypal Later and Venmo from WooCommerce Paypal Payments

    Earlier this month I ran into an issue with the PayPal Payments Plugin where a client of mine did not want to use the PayPal Pay Later feature or the Venmo option on their website. The information was a bit unclear of where to remove these two features. To remove any of the Alternative Payment […]